About Hearing - Early Treatment is Important

Early Treatment

If a loss of hearing is left untreated, the brain can almost forget how to hear.

Hearing deteriorates gradually so you don’t realize it until it is very poor - people wait up to 7 years too long to take action. Consequently, many people suffer and cause their family unnecessary frustration for years before seeking help.

Early Signs of Hearing Loss

The following are some of the mostl common complaints of people suffering loss that can often be helped. Do any of these sound familiar?

"I can hear the background noise but not the person sitting next to me"
The TV is loud but you still can’t understand the words
People seem to mumble and don’t pronounce their words clearly
You can’t understand your wife/husband when they yell at you from the next room or talk with their back to you
You miss the key words so just smile and try to fill in the gaps
People keep telling you that you're not listening
You get noises in your head like buzzing or ringing