About Us - Proudly Independent

Proudly Independent | Non-Biased Assessments

Hearing Matters is a local South Australian and proudly independent audiology practice that is committed to providing unsurpassed evaluations, advice and prescriptions of any hearing device from around the world. We specialise in a range of state-of-the-art products and services for people with varying degrees of hearing impairment. To ensure you don't have to travel far we have 18 clinics throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area and regional South Australia. We adhere to strict codes of ethical practice and seek the very best outcomes by choosing the most suitable device for your needs.

Why Choose Hearing Matters?

Proudly independent - we are one of the few clinics NOT OWNED by a hearing aid company. This means we can provide unbiased advice on the devices that will best suit your needs and budget. We source hearing aids from all manufacturers to ensure our clients get the most appropriate and up-to-date solution for their lifestyle.  There are no sales targets and no restrictions on the type of hearing aids we can recommend.

- Innovative solutions using the most advanced technology on the market.
- Complete after fitting care.
- 4 Masters Degree Audiologists.
- No Commissions.
- Multiple locations.
- No instrument fitting or review fees.

With a range of innovative products available, we will support you to overcome the communication barriers and limitations of hearing loss to better understand and enjoy the rich world of sounds.

At Hearing Matters, we are committed to working with you to find the BEST solution for YOUR hearing, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR needs.

We will help you make the choice that is perfect for you by considering your hearing needs, your budget, your lifestyle and your individual hearing preferences before choosing from our wide range of hearing aids.

Independent and Locally Owned

Our autonomy enables us to provide genuine professional advice and unsurpassed quality of service that puts YOUR needs first. We are not influenced by hearing aids manufacturers who own many nearby clinics so there is no pressure, no marketing garbage, no bias.

You Be The Judge

Hearing Matters is committed to a transparent, collaborative approach to hearing rehabilitation. We could talk for hours about the technological advances of hearing aids and what they are supposed to do but the true test is how YOU fare in the real world. We therefore encourage extended real world hearing aid trials to empower you to make an informed decision to ensure a great outcome.


The responsibility to find the most appropriate device starts and ends with us. We don’t answer to a hearing aid manufacturer so we can try different brands to make sure the optimum outcome is achieved with the right device.