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Hearing Aid Care | Basic Tips to Keep Your Devices in Top Condition

Here are some great tips to keep your hearing devices in the best condition:

1. Keep your hearing aid in a safe place out of the reach of small children and pets.
2. When not being worn remove the battery and wipe the aid and battery with a dry cloth. Use a soft brush to clean difficult to reach areas of the aid.
3. Place your aid in a dri aid kit to remove any excess moisture.
4. Always work over a table or benchtop when removing or inserting a battery.
5. Do not drop the aid, expose to moisture or immerse in water.
6. Avoid excessive heat and cold temperatures. Do not leave the hearing aid exposed in the sun, in a hot car or near a radiator or heater.
7. Do not wear the aid while undergoing electrical treatment or while sitting under a hair dryer.